I believe that Ca l’Antiga, due to its location, is part of the landscape, a calm and ambiguous landscape hesitating between being urban or rural. This ambiguity is not external at the human activity but the evidence of the numerous activities that have modified it into a landscape full of walls, barriers, signals, indications…, far from the natural landscape and fighting to overcome the evident footprints.

The landscape around us is not free or intrinsically ’natural‘ but a combination of forgotten landscapes as they are not anymore what they were or what they are supposed to be but what we have created. We have introduced thresholds, traps, scarecrows, messages…, and concurrently we create some new ephemeral landscapes that, finally, represent us. On the other hand the nature, the landscapes, tries to flow out of the cages.

It is not the first time that Ca l’Antiga presents an exhibition of landscape, we remember the exhibitions of Pierre Radisic with landscapes of the beaches of the Maresme and of José Antonio Sancho with photographs of the Serralada Litoral.

Rosa Puig is a well-known photographer that has portrayed the urban landscape and its personages. She has also published a historic chronology of the of Barcelona graffitis. However, those urban surroundings have not impeded her to be inspired by the rural landscape and the forest motivating her to seek new visions. In fact, all the interferences in the landscape are susceptible to engender new domesticated or rebel landscapes.

The photographs of scarecrows displayed at Ca l’Antiga show how the prohibition signals addressed to the birds are ephemeral and harmless but they create a particular landscape, poor because done with materials of rejection, but plenty of a sensibility and beauty literately universal.

They are a part of the landscape stories that you will discover at the Rosa Puig exhibition ‘Paisatge prohibits’.

The “Olor és Color” exhibition, a proposal by Ca l’Antiga for the end of the spring season, follows an opposite path: to foster, to excite our senses without limits. The surroundings that proposes his creator, NASEVO, is visual and gives major importance to color while giving also a prominent place to the sense of the smell.

NASEVO, Ernesto Ventós i Omedes artistic name, is, by his job, a renowned and prestigious creator of essences and, by his passion, a very particular collector: deaf since the infancy, instead of looking at the artworks, he smells them.

NASEVO is a strong defender of the sense of smell, a sense unavoidable to reach a deep knowledge of our natural and personal surroundings, that deserves and needs to be taught and trained.

“Olor és Color”, or the experience of a big amateur of the sense of smell, is a fundamental piece in the program of the III Maridatge of the Senses: perfume, flowers and gastronomy of Teià.

Mariàngels Pérez Latorre
Presidenta de Ca l’Antiga



Photography exhibtion “Paisatges prohibits”

The story behind the series of the scarecrows. „Rosa Puig : it was a casual meeting, we were visiting little towns in the province of León when we saw quite far away a magnificent world of colour in the middle of a green but also arid landscape. As we approached we were immersed in a dreamed trip, a fiction surrounding, an oasis in the vineyards, inhabited by unusual personages, some sublime scarecrows bizarrely dressed flowing at the rhythm of the wind and making sounds with the tools hanging from their hands. We expected them to sing.

I was excited and made a lot of photos. We were so delighted that next day we return with the video camera of video and the intention to meet the author and record pictures to preserve images of this incredible, amazing world. We were lucky and met Fructuoso, a gentleman 82 years old, a fascinating man, an artist ’malgré lui’.
This work is devoted to Fructuoso Fernández, father of ten children, farmer and author of the personages“.

From 22 March to 22 April 2019 at the cellar of Ca l’Antiga
Opening: Friday and Saturday from 17:00 to 20:00, Sunday from 11:00 to 14:00

Nasevo "Olor és color"


Exhibition “Olor és color”

NASEVO is an acclaimed artist; he started his artwork in 2002 that is nowadays, absolutely devoted to the nose and the color, following a path without limits including any kind of objects, bizarre, real or imagined.
The pieces shown at Ca l’Antiga do not pretend to be a precise chronology of the artist NASEVO. It is a walk among the different parameters that articulate his works or objects where he plays with an archetype, the nose, and with the semantics of the smell-color to create multiform objects and innumerable stylistic references.

From 1 May to 9 June 2019 at the cellar of Ca l’Antiga
Opening: Saturday from 12:00 to 19:00, Sunday from 11:00 to 14:00



Friday 22 March 2019,


Exhibition “Paisatges prohibits”
Photographies by Rosa Puig.

Wednesday 1 May 2019,


Exhibition “Olor és color”
Artworks by Nasevo.

Limited places. Please confirm: inscripcions@calantiga.org

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