Ca l’Antiga comes back to the painting following two exhibitions about photography by Rosa Puig and Andrea Wilmsem and an exhibition with sculptures of Nasevo. This back to the painting has two names, two artists from our region El Maresme, Pol Peiró de Premià from Premià de Mar and Victòria Pujadas from Masnou.

Pol Peiró is a painter who initiated his path using very different techniques all of them of figurative character. In 2013 was a break in this direction and Pol Peiró full enter in the world of abstract art giving priority to material and colour. Pol Peiró has been awarded frequently and has participated in a great number of individual and collectives exhibitions. In September 2018 he participated in an international exhibition in Ca l’Antiga.

In September 7, Ca l’Antiga opens a totally new exhibition, “ARRELS”, (Roots in English) with about 30 works that shows how Pol Peiró is redirecting his painting again towards a very light material, appealing and inspiring work.

The exhibition displays new works from where colour and heavy material have disappeared to redirect towards such light and delicate material that the act of painting becomes a challenge. The result is amazing, plastic and versatile, accommodating the material to different supports offering changeable visions about the artist intention.

Victòria Pujadas is an artist multidisciplinary well known by her installations full of light and poetry. However, her work is much larger and includes many series of plastic production which show a pictorial path both material and conceptual also reinforced by the importance of the support employed. Ca l’Antiga proposed her and exhibition with the most important series produced in the lasts years. The result is „ANTILÒGICA“, a travel inspired by the top instants from her pictorial works which will be in Ca l’Antiga from October 19 to November 17.

Mariàngels Pérez Latorre
President of Ca l’Antiga


Exposició "Arrels" de Pol Peiró


Exhibition „Arrels“

„ARRELS“ is an invitation to put into a Surface (canvas or paper) what is usually in the absolute deepness.
I think that abstraction to be warm and emotional should direct us towards deepness. Abstraction is, at the end, an exhaustive auto analysis translated to plastic artwork. In my case it is useful to explain my own story. And, today, my roots helped me to see what is obvious and define ourselves. Is way I wanted to give visibility to those roots that we never look to; I refer to our own roots, those that build our personality, to those branches which connect us to the earth, those than are deep and convey our destiny I tried to look to inside and put the light to my roots and I hope you will enjoy as I enjoyed by doing my works.
— Pol Peiró, July 2019

From 7 September to 6 October 2019 at the cellar of Ca l’Antiga
Opening: Saturday from 12:00 to 19:00, Sunday from 11:00 to 14:00

Victòria Pujadas "Antilògica"


Exhibition „Antilògica“

„ANTILÒGICA“ is a project proposed by Mariàngels concerning an exhibition covering my artworks since 95. Following her proposal my first step has been to review the meaning of my actions in this period of time.
An exhibition covering about 25 years needs an analysis. As an artist I am interested in the patterns that move our action, the art allows me to modify those patterns and offers to me new perspectives that counterpace the usual patterns, reveals new challenges and remind me that I should revise again and again my objectives in art.
This kind of exhibition creates the need to build a map in which your steps are reproduced. In doing that you see the experience acquired as a mechanism that put you face to face with whom you were and whom you are. The axis of this paradox is the time.
I have always been very much interested in what can I do that in what I did. I prefer the future to the past, however, is in the present where everything is realised. We never did something out of ‘the precise moment’.
To understand the meaning of the timing in my own artwork reveals the anomaly between past, present and future.
This anomaly originated the change from anthology to “antilogy”.
Remember, select, filter, rebuild the past to show the future; a past that will be the present.
I wanted to be logical and ANTILÒGICA arise.
Usually, the deepest is at the surface.
— Victòria Pujadas, July 2019

From 19 October to 17 November 2019 at the cellar of Ca l’Antiga
Opening: Saturday from 12:00 to 19:00, Sunday from 11:00 to 14:00



Saturday 7 September 2019,


Exhibition “Arrels”
Artworks by Pol Peiró.

Saturday 19 October 2019,


Exhibition “Antilògica”
Artworks by Victòria Pujadas.

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