The culture hub CA L’ANTIGA hosts exhibitions, conferences, happenings, performances, concerts, book launchings, etc. The aim is to promote new artistic approaches, introduce artists and authors and their works, to facilitate their understanding and to disseminate and share reflection on their meaning and impact.

All artistic expressions are promoted: painting, sculpture, engraving, photography, video, cinema, as well as all kinds of graphic, visual or musical works, alongside architecture, theatre, dance, literature…

Activities take place at CA L’ANTIGA in the cellar or in the open air on the terraces in the garden. The light and the environment of El Maresme have inspired artists and poets since centuries. Teia is like a balcony with views of the surrounding green pined hills and vineyards, extending down to the agricultural plain and as far as the Mediterranean, deep blue in summer and shiny silvery in winter.

The programme will be seasonal – spring, summer, autumn – in cycles and as individual events and festivities.

The CA L’ANTIGA team will work very closely with guest artists. Journalists, professors, art critics, historians, musicians and animators will have an interactive role in the art meeting point events.

CA L’ANTIGA activities are organised in collaboration with partners and supporters. There are contacts and exchanges with similar cultural associations, art galleries, museums, bookshops, artists associations and public institutions.

Mariàngels Pérez Latorre
Founder of Ca l’Antiga

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