Wolfgang Kahle

Wolfgang Kahle

Wolfgang Kahle is cofounder of the group Kunstasyl (art asylum).

Participation in numerously national and international projects and exhibitions as painter and others.

Municipal Gallery im Marienheim, Demmin Schamuhn museum (Uelzen), Culture Club Großmoordamm (Harburg), Art- and Literature Studio (Berlin), Symposium Ponzano (Italy), Annaberg-Buchholz (homepage for Carlfriedrich Claus), Brazilian Football Association (Rio de Janeiro), Museum For European Contemporary Art (Danzig, ambience Frankfurt, Mannheim) (Gallery Immoztion – Arts@Work), Project Formative Sounds in cooperation with Astrid Schmeling and Matthias Kaul/Children and Youth projects/CD projects, and more.

In 1998 foundation of an own painting school. For 10 years Wolfgang Kahle had been the initiator of the Winsener Kulturtage.
2012 residence in China (art reflection). Performance 50 years Fluxus (listening in Winsen). The by Kahle designed CD project „made durable“ of the ensemble L´ART POUR L ´ART received a echo classic and the year award of the German Record Critics. 2013 Kaul/Kahle Performance (Kassel, Old Brotherly Church Neutral-ism in Aurum museum/Pescara. IV International Abstract Art in Modern Russia (Moscow). Hall of Fine Arts of Volga Branch of the Russian Academy of Arts. Instizione Musel Palazzo Fanrese /Ortana Italy. Town Hall Hamburg. Padua, Mediolanum Museum (Neutral-Ism). Art Fair, Beijing (China), Museum Shanghai (China), Staatliche Museum für bildende Künste in Kazan (Tatarstan, Russland), Kulturverein internationale Fachmesse der Kunst von Granada. Mannheim, Galerie kunst@work Mannheim, +Pervormanze Lanz Kapelle.
10 years cooperation with Prof. Dr. Dr. Carl Vogel (former director HFBK).

Teamwork with: Martin Lühker, Valeri Scherstjanoi, Günter Ludwig and Jodd vn Schafstein.